Why hello there.

I am a hobo in hiding most of my life. Secrecy is the glue that holds my being together, not cells nor proteins. So this could be me dislodging my murky, trivial secrets to the world in unsuspecting ways. Not that such secrets can change the status quo of things anyway but I’d like to think I’m becoming an open book now which is a big achievement if you ask my true friends.

I could be diagnosed of Asperger’s one day for tendencies of overrated manias. This blog could be mistaken for some fangirl site from time to time and I don’t care. Obsessing is one of my strong suits at the same time that it is a sickness – symptoms of which are 1)hyperventilation 2)insomnia 3)increased vocal pitch 4)seizure 5)wet unmentionables and 6)endless blog posts among others.

Anything decent on this blog you may well chalk up to my parents, but anything otherwise is my own failing.

The hope is that you enjoy sniffing my brain farts as much as I enjoy letting them out or you might as well click on that X button which is just harsh.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Intellectual you much. Nag-Google pa ako kung anong ibig sabihin ng “hobo”. Akala ko anything homosexual, hindi naman pala. (: Nice browsing here!

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