Why I can’t and probably won’t ever let go of Titanic

I was just 7 when Titanic came out. The still scene in which Jack holds Rose by the waist as she stands at the ship’s hull, arms outstretched, heading into sunset, had become so iconic that kids my age weren’t too ignorant of the fact that it was the biggest blockbuster of all time then – the driving plot of which is tragic love. But what did a second grader then know about love? (Not that I know anything about love now, derp.)

So 15 years later, I did not think twice at all to go and see the film’s re-release in 3-D cinemas because 1) I didn’t get to see it on the big screen as a kid [we only have it on original VHS tapes] 2) I hadn’t seen it in ages because we threw out our VHS player a long time ago 3) I hadn’t seen the nude painting scene without having to peek through my fingers [and yeah boy, we’re talking 3-D here now] 4) I hadn’t seen it as a semi critical-minded, English-proficient young adult as I bet that would make all the difference and 5) I needed the perfect excuse to cry.

And yes, I did cry. Behind my 3-D glasses. Quite a lot. And I almost couldn’t stop for the life of me.


1) Old Rose is old

2) Everybody are cold and scared, crying and dying

3) The dogs are frozen to death

4) Cal is as big a douchebag as the iceberg

5) Depressing are those scenes where an old couple deliberately awaits in their deathbed and where a mother tries to put her kids to sleep with a bedtime story

6) Bruce Ismay manages to sneak and survive, daymmm!

7) The scene where fireworks light Jack’s face, his eyes fixed on Rose’s as the lifeboat she is on is being lowered is much too poignant

8) Because Rose is stupid

9) Love couldn’t any more be tragic than this

10) Jack and Rose could’ve shared that plank and both lived if not for some stupid law of physics


12) The rain falls and Rose changes her last name to Jack’s, but oh God, there was no record of him at all

13) She doesn’t even have a picture of him!

13) Rose drops the Heart of the Ocean (by accident LOL)

14) There comes Celine Dion in the afterlife scene where Jack and Rose are reunited and are kissing at the top of the stairs and everybody else is happy and clapping




4 thoughts on “Why I can’t and probably won’t ever let go of Titanic

  1. This year marks the centennial anniversary of the Titanic tragedy. And while the remaining survivors reminisce on their fateful hours on April 15, 1912, here we are still reliving the scenes of the tragic love story of Jack and Rose via Titanic (the movie). Don’t worry pal, here I humbly partake your lamentation.

  2. Best movie EVER! I watched it 3 times the year it came out and every year since, and every single time, I am bawling my eyes out! Everyone should LOVE and LIVE like them!!! =D

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