We all have that GBF

In this day and age, girls are in so much luck that Gay Best Friends are being sold on Ebay. Like that favorite pair of jeans, every girl has them. They come with their very own phrases like, “You need some making over, honey…” and “Let’s talk penis!” They’re the perfect companion to brunch, the movies, a slumber party, an amateur photo shoot, or just some lazy people watching rendezvous. Just stick your Gay Best Friend in your bag and you’re good to go. Bonus feature: He’ll be your radar when you go boy fishing, like you know, a Pokedex.

Now I know this is too late but again I wish my gay best friend D a happy birthday. Your wit never fails to knock me sense, and your sweetness always warms my heart. You always know the right words to say to cheer and make my head swell. I couldn’t wait for that day when we make our way to Italy, India, and Indonesia a la Elizabeth Gilbert, and feel infinite. I love you a plenty.



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