A Valentine post

I had to make up my mind whether or not to write a Valentine post. I’m single so V day just doesn’t quite strike relevance to my life this year just like last year. But then, before I get myself enveloped into the bitter cold that is Manila’s weather today, I caught a Friends rerun (The One With Joey’s New Girlfriend) and got zapped.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, not just in the form that merits a beddy bear, a fancy dinner, or a wet kiss. There’s the love that is quiet and unsuspecting but happy just the same.

Here’s to things I love this Valentine’s.


Calico is the one who waits by the door for me when I get home and the one I share my bed with. She’s getting fatter by the day so the more that I want to squeeze her hard I get afraid I might strangle her one day. She sits with me through my vampire and zombie marathons although all she’s ever enjoyed is Tom and Jerry.

I will always be a sucker for games. Airport Terminal got me through my lame addiction to Temple Run. It is travel made virtual. Man, I’ve gone to UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan in two days. Next stop: Australia!

Here’s Adele on her new bike stopping by her ex-boyfriend’s house to thank him for inspiring a record which just won her 6 Grammys. How well-deserved, really. Adele’s lyrics constantly blow me away. I hope against hope that she’ll showcase her amazing talent in Manila soon.

Dear God, thank you for making this TV show possible. I love it like a fat kid loves chocolate cake.

Call me a party pooper, but I don’t mind that it’s still business as usual for me today. V Day is as good as over as I’m about to hit the sack now. No big deal. I have 366 days this year to spread some lalalahove’.



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