I eat witticism for breakfast

Since I’ve had the fringe benefit of not having to take calls day in and out like in my previous job, all I got to do is plug my earphones on and I can work in peace. Or not, if I’m tuned in to The Morning Rush Top 10.

Besides breakfast, what I love about mornings is Chico and Delamar’s (plus Gino’s) hilarity and witticism gone airborne. They host this radio program that goes from funny to silly to kinky to ridiculous – which in a nutshell is unadulterated humor with substance, not to mention that it is award-winning. C and D both know how to crack people up. They’re my daily dose of stimulant that is five times stronger and more addictive than caffeine, hence my dependence for over a year now.

I am not alone in my addiction to no surprise.(Not surprising that even Lea Salonga is in this too, no.) C and D are not only seasoned jocks but are radio royalties that a compilation of the best of their larks on the show is now sitting tightly at the second spot of National Book Store’s local bestseller list just a month since its release. Well, it’s the book that launched a thousand laughs after all and what’s a best selling book without a grand book launch and signing?

So it seems I have pressed my fangirl switch on since this year started. It was Katy P for January  and now it is C and D for February. I rushed to the book signing event tagging my ‘rusher’ friends along. We literally had to rush to be early birds so we’d make it to the cut since to say that the registration line was like one for a box office movie would be an understatement. Heck yeah, talk about radio stardom.

As if it wasn’t enough that we get the epic tandem sign our books and pose for some photos with us, we even had that glorious moment when C and D recognized us by our twitter names. (Thanks Twitter for being a platform on which to pursue idols obsessively to the point of harassment.) It was very nice of them to even engage in small talk that I got to tell Chico at last that we have the same birthday. (Yes, I make a big deal out of it because I venerate Chico.)

Even with the assumed fleeting proximity I had from meeting them in person, I still would forever feel that Chico and Del are the best friends I never had who would’ve made my life positively crazier. But just the same, they’ll keep my mornings constantly brightened even as it means wearing my troll face in trying so hard to suppress a good laugh while in some public place.



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