Hoes over bros

To most men (straight ones at least), the sight of two men making the most discreet display of affection can be cringeworthy. But give them two women who have tender attachment and you just tickled a major male fantasy bordering on euphoria.

This post isn’t however about fag hags versus dyke tykes, no. Neither about how Chandler and Joey were dying to want to see Monica, Rachel and Phoebe fondle each other nor how Brooke and Peyton were once dared to kiss. Not even how I could incite green-tainted leading questions in guys about my having an ex-girlfriend.

Yes. Been there. Done that.

Somewhere along my metamorphosis was a phase they so call the college lesbian phase. The risk factors:

1. Going to a university where it’s rad to be non-conformist.

2. Taking a liberal arts course where straight guys are as scarce as hen’s teeth.

3. Joining an org that has a significant population of hot lezzies.

4. Being too friendly with a roomie, inebriated style.

5. Throwing skepticism out of the window once in a while.

Don’t get me wrong. These aren’t excuses. I exclude myself from those people for whom sexuality appeared to be just a trend.

I have liked guys all my life but I made one exception.



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