Pants down to 3 idiots

Three idiots had got me slow clapping yesterday. They punched me in the face with raw entertainment concocted with social messages that put a lump in my throat.

How often do I get to watch non-Hollywood films let alone a Hindi film that, prejudice aside, I didn’t quite expect one could be so poignant?

15 minutes into this movie and I though it’s rather frothy I could’ve just put some American stoner movie on. But then having sat a bit longer, the hook got me.

More than the cracked up humor (which isn’t without slapsticky bits) and the emotional highs and lows, it’s the relevant ideologies touching academic and social concerns disposed left and right without coming across as preachy that make the punch. It made me laugh and cry and even do both simultaneously.  Then it left me spellbound after that I want to secure a copy of it for myself to watch over and over.

Watch this one.



8 thoughts on “Pants down to 3 idiots

  1. Watched this twice and I still laughed and cried the second time. Like you, I wasn’t sure about it the first few minutes, but it was recommended by a crush so I was determined to finish it (funny thing, how crushes can influence me). I am so glad I did. :)

    • Following a crush’s recommendations, well, tell me about it. Ha ha. I also get influenced by crushes in choices of music, movies, TV series, etc. and end up really liking them most of the time. : )

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