Manila Dreams

My teenage dream where Katy Perry played fairy godmother came true last Sunday. Yes kids, little girls’ dreams do come true. And ravishing fairy godmothers do exist.

It’s been days yet I am still hung over that candy-coated musical event that was Katy P’s California Dreams Tour in Manila. For her to end her 125 tour dates concert in this city said a lot about saving the best for last. Katy P in fact called out “Manila! Did I save the best for last?” the moment she went onstage 2 long hours later than was the advertised show start. Well, didn’t her 25,000 Filipino fans who tolerated the show’s delay certain she’s more than worth the wait merit the best?

I had this theory that the show was held up intentionally so that Katy P could take advantage of the Chinese New Year pyrotechnics as extra spectacle to her performance of ‘Firework’, that is, if she couldn’t make those sprinkler fireworks come off her knockers again. Heh.

I went to the concert with my girl friends Jishi and Nicole who I’ve shared my Katy P obsession with since 2008 even before she’s become pop. We know by heart the lyrics to almost every one of her mischievous songs (those unreleased, unplugged tracks and covers even), adore her style that screams bold and vintage in an impeccably sexy mix, and fall victim to her crazies like new converts to a faux religion. (God is that too much?) So you could just imagine just how swelled our hearts were to see our goddess in concert.. oops, you couldn’t.

Manila Dreams was kick-started by a short film in the Candyfornia style Katy P is famous for. Think pink, clouds, candies, and popsicles. The stage was adorned with about the same sweet stuff, match to that the Burlesque-ish costumes she changed to after each song she performed. Whether in a mini dress with pin wheels on the bust, a one-piece with peacock tail feathers, or a skintight catsuit, you just never know what to expect from the Mother Cat.

A few minutes through the concert and I knew that it’s going down in history. Katy P just had to be herself to nail it. In all 14 songs she performed, she wasn’t the only one to sing because everyone was in chorus with her – in screams, of course. But the screaming was at its peak when Katy P kissed a fan boy (and not a fan girl as was her usual lark). My girl friends swore to god we’d hunt Ivan Dorschner down so we could steal that coveted kiss for chrissakes! But even as Katy P was her innate crazy self, it wasn’t masked that she has had her back to the wall with her marriage crumbling. How she sang ‘Not Like The Movies’ and ‘The One That Got Away’ was just too cinematic and dramatic, at least for us three who are quite affected than necessary by the Perry-Brand divorce.

Mother Cat didn’t fail her Katy Cats. She ended Manila Dreams by firing a water bazooka towards the audience while huge beach balls zoomed around. Who does that? Manila dreams was nothing short of splendor, kickers, and crazies. It was the concert my bore of a life needed at the moment and it’s sure to last awhile.

(Photos by Nicole Baldivia ♥)

I needn’t post any more Manila Dreams photos as they already are viral online.



3 thoughts on “Manila Dreams

  1. I’m not saying this because I’m your best friend but..

    Your writing is getting better and better. I swear. You painted a hell of picture and you took me back to that awesome event I won’t forget till I’m 80. LOL

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