Please keep it casual

Now my friend M was about to turn to me for some advice on dating. Yeah right, like I could give her a  sound one. Well, not when I just busted the last guy I dated. In a text message. On Christmas day. (Yes please, do judge me. I require it.)

But in a lame attempt at my defense, here are surefire ways to freak me out and frighten me off when dating:

  1. Wear your heart on your sleeve a little too soon to tell me such things as “You feel right” or “You’re the right choice” after a first date.
  2. Have my friendship mistaken for attraction just because I enjoy talking.
  3. Ask me the questions like “What makes you jealous?” on a second date.
  4. Show up at the bus station with tickets and insist that you bring me home on a 5-hour trip at Christmas eve.

Think Robin when she first dated Ted. She was interested in Ted but wanted things casual.

Casual is how I roll. I like slow burn. I crumble under pressure. Come off too strong far ahead and I shall chicken out like a little bitch. I do know friend zone can be a sticky, risky ground but I guess it’s the best way to go to start off casual.

Disclaimer: All 4 points are cancelled out at once if the guy we’re talking here is one I have a long standing crush on. Heh.



2 thoughts on “Please keep it casual

  1. That’s why M wanted advice.. because she’s also looking for something casual. LOL. It’s still true about that birds of the same feather thingy.

    And is the disclaimer guy S? Mehehe

    PS. I miss you little bitch :)

  2. That same feather thingy, tell me about it. LOL. We should pull a sleepover very soon then because I miss you bitches too!

    Er, I actually have J in mind but yeah, S too! Heh. : )

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