Foodie two-shoes

When times are busy and stressful, it is most inevitable to turn to food for a breather and celebrate that love-hate relationship you have with it.

Last weekend, our big team in the office had our rewards and recognition activity for the final quarter which we spent in a very indulgent goodness that was buffet.

Who’s to say buffets aren’t an in-thing for the longest time now with food bazaars sprouting like mushrooms here and there? And what’s to say, Filipinos are certified foodies, aren’t we? For one, eating, more than a biological-need-thing, is a social thing.

After last Friday’s shift. we headed straight to Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and Grill in SM Megamall. It was my first time in that resto. In fact, it was my first time to dine the buffet way if I remember right. For some reason, my friends and I just haven’t found the time in our dynamic schedules to have that eat-all-you-can-forget-freakin-diets bonding experience. Then again, I hope soon.

Being a first time buffet diner, I was wide-eyed when I entered the resto. I’ve got to say my empty stomach gave a modest lurch at the sight of tables after tables of sinful goodness. My tummy must have felt that it found its way home.

I am no food critic or blogger so I’ve no grounds from which to come up with a credible post. I’m just a plain foodie. Period. But if you don’t have a strategy of attack for buffets yet (like I did), then you might just take one from me.

1. You won’t get to taste everything, you just can’t. So choose wisely. Satisfy your biggest cravings.

2. It’s not everyday you come to kingdom ‘foodae’, but hey relax, the food aren’t going anywhere. Take time to do the cooking especially since there are over 50 raw ingredients to choose from. After all, that’s what shabu-shabu and grill is about.

3. Get very little helping of rice or don’t get any at all. Resist Yang Chow rice should you want to stretch the value of your 585 pesos.

4. Take it easy on drinks even as they too are unlimited, not to mention that you can choose from sodas to juices to coffee and even beer. Yes, beer. But you don’t want to bloat yourself too soon, right?

5. Smoke a cigarette if you may. (As I did. Lol.)

6. Get what you can only consume. Leftovers come with a price.

To gallivant through buffet restaurants with friends shall definitely be one on my niggling-things-to-do list for next year. Right now I can only look forward to the holiday feasts and anticipate the “holiday weight” that comes with it.




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