Titanic 3D Trailer

I was in 2nd grade when Titanic became the highest-grossing motion picture of all time. Is it weird for a 7 year old kid then to have adored this movie since? What with all its cheesy lines and heart-pounding effects had I spent my meager allowance in Titanic posters and Celine Dion song hits? Geez, watching this trailer gave me the goosebumps. So yes, I definitely will look forward to experiencing Titanic like never before in 3D and cry again.


Strange Fruit

Would you watch it again?

Until now, I’m neither afraid nor ashamed to say that I simply LOVE this movie. Many loathe this movie for simply being too popular, while others resent it for beating out the critics’ darling LA Confidential at the Oscars. But I loved this movie and I guess I would love to see it again on the big screen. Problem is, it’s 3D. I don’t like watching 3D because I end up with a huge headache after. Once or twice I tried it, and I felt like puking afterwards. So unless they have a 2D version Titanic 3D, I guess I’ll have to content myself with the DVD copy I have.

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