That 70s party

I know the doctor advised a week of total bed rest for me but I’m not one who’d miss a good friend’s birthday bash, am I? Now think groovy, disco, and hippie because Mico just threw us that 70s party.

I came in my rompers, sandals, and hippie headband (believe me, it’s the best I got that has a hippie feel to it) while the others came in polkadots, checkered prints, neon colors, and thick headbands.

The food was great – always is and one on the reasons, in fact, why I love Mico and our weekend sleepovers at her crib. I especially liked the buffalo wings and the homemade cupcakes in their peace sign, star, and smiley frostings.

I guess the more cool parties always have two parts. As for Mico’s party, there’s the clean fun which initialized when retro music was played, food was served, wacky photos were taken before a make-shift photo backdrop, and candles on cupcakes were blown. But once the lights were dimmed, music was turned up, tables were moved to form a single long one, and the jello shots were served, we knew we were up to a long night of a wtf-is-happening-but-I-like-it kind of fun.

Beer, vodka, and tearjerker submarine had us unsteady, fuddled, and staggering so that we can do no more than LOL at our gay friend’s gags, pose show offishly for the camera (almost 400 pictures were taken), and drunktext (at least for my best friend).

Of course, we wouldn’t let the night end without putting Mico on the hot seat. Having had no boyfriend since birth despite being a hot and smart lady at 21, we conclude that it’s all down to her being too picky with guys. So as a friendly advise to her: screw high guy standards and stop watching romantic films for reals. (I take this to heart too. Ha ha.)

At around 4am, drinking games like I’ve Never and some counting game were still on in trying to consume the surplus of beer there was. My competence in all kinds of game paid off and I made it to the morning after and even got to re-watch a few epsiodes of New Girl before having felt my temperature rising again. So that’s when I finally succumb to Mico’s bed and blankets and called it an epic day.



2 thoughts on “That 70s party

  1. Nice photos!:) Seems like a fun party ;) I’m very fond of themed parties too :) I remember how much fun I had that time when my girlfriends and I organized this Candy Land Party and another theme we had was 1920’s where we all wore flapper dresses :p Anyway, thanks for dropping by my site sweetie :)

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