OK I admit I wish for it

Just what a kilig-filled morning was it to have Gino and Fran induce all the sappiness in the world by making their weekending show on The Morning Rush about the Top 10 things you’d wanna say to your future lover. And yes, since my kilig vibes are no less still brimming to the rim, please let me be extra sappy this once. I deliberately kick my cynicism aside and wish for that future lover once and for all this 11.11.11.


Dear Future Lover,

Maybe we haven’t met yet, or maybe we have. Maybe you’re that stranger I’m going to brush elbows with on the MRT one uninteresting day or maybe you’re that friend I’ve known since forever. But no matter, when the moment comes when we see each other in a complicated way, I’ll feel like you were the playmate I never had as a little boyish girl.

I cannot pull off high heels very well. I’m not too confident in sleeveless tops. I cannot seem to grow and keep my hair long and shiny and I don’t know how to put decent make up on. I’m clearly not the prettiest girl out there because I don’t mind to look ugly and poiseless and be goofy, dorky, and jologs at any time of the day. So don’t be surprised if I own the mic on videoke night, down shot after shot of tequila, dash in a motorcycle,  finish a 12-K marathon, cuss like a pirate, kick your ass on NFS2 or Halo, date my cat, lose myself on crime novels and vampire stories, imitate Jose Manalo’s antics, catch Pinoy chick flicks on the big screen, and more. But these random me-stuff are but the tip of an iceberg yet why am I spoiling you anyway? You’re not supposed to know these things only through some stupid letter, but whatever, this is me being a big talker on paper. So right, maybe one day I’ll write you letters, or just short, cute sentences I can leave on your headboard or the fridge.

I’ve no idea what you’re like, hell, I don’t even know your name and what’s taking you so long to come around. But when you do, I’d rather you beat my rules and be the exception. When you do, I’ll have coffee and cigarettes, a good movie playing, and a cozy spot next to mine made up for you. We’ll sit together at the foot of the bed through the movie and share smokes between sips of coffee. We’ll cuddle and fall asleep in a fort made of pillows and when you wake up in the morning, I’ll kiss you on the nose and make you breakfast. At other times, maybe we’ll make out to Radiohead like that K Perry song or to Aqualung or even to K Perry’s awesome songs. Or at some more times, we’ll sit back in our jammies and laugh at the undoubtedly adorkable-ness that is Jess Day.

In the meantime, it’s Calico (my pretend feline lover), a bottle of soda, Jess Day, and myself. All you need to do is enter the picture. 

I’ll be waiting to give you this look until then…

I hope you’ll still love me. :)



2 thoughts on “OK I admit I wish for it

  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Nice blog you got here, your entries are very interesting and witty. Haha! Keep on writing :)

    • Hey thanks, that flatters as coming from a more versed blogger like you. I’m still quite a neo on this stuff so my blogs are all over the place. Ha ha. Thanks for dropping by. :)

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