There’s a ninja right on your nose

I was just tweeting earlier about how weirded out was I to find that I can actually be too out of the mood. I snoozed my alarm for who knew how many times, dragged my feet to work, cheated on my diet, slouched restlessly in my work station for more than half my shift, you get the picture.

But then, oh Internet, the riches you have to offer almost never fail to amaze. Like a fountain of youth, you constantly keep us fashionably childish with your ridiculous goodies. Who would’ve thought that human noses can be the perfect frame for a Ninja Turtle head? Oho, genius this is!

So there’s even this TMNN blog that does nothing but ninja noses. Check it out and you might just want to paint Donatello on that buttony nose one of these days.

And just like that, my day’s turned around.



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