Fake it ’til you make it

I like to promote one expression I just came by in one of the freshly pressed posts today.


Yes, folks. By ‘faux’, we get that the term means “fake productivity”. Think of a time when you pretend to look busy and productive when you were actually just doing something next to nothing – now that was being ‘fauxductive’. Of course, you get the point. Don’t we all do this?

You see, it is what brought me to write this. I am in the office right now with my work already done for the day but still has an hour until shift ends so I’m occasionally squinting my eyes at the monitor pretending that I’m working on some rough deal when I actually am just tweeting, listening to The Morning Rush, and blogging.

As I’ve come to think of it, I’m a practitioner of fauxductivity. I would always carry around a book and a journal with me but never actually get to read or write so much because I get easily sidetracked by other things or people (which I blame to my attention span comparable to that of a five year old). But I still carry them around in the hope of tricking my brain to acknowledge the pressing need to get something done.

In college, my big tote bags were never out of class handouts and readings just to realize by the end of the day that all I did was go frolicking around the campus and giving myself back strain which then would leave me no choice but to spend the wee hours cramming to cross out at least a single box in my to do list.

But don’t get me wrong, fauxductivity pays sometimes because you never know when that burst of productivity might strike. So you might as well just be prepared, right?

This term is smart. It should enter the lexicon.



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