I haven’t written anything – not even the quickest random-est notes on my iPod for weeks.

I’ve got to say, graveyard shift is quite a dementor. It sucks out the happiness in a person.

It is one thing to be getting into bed while everybody else is getting out of it. It feels awkward, just different. I often wake up with a start mistaking twilight for dawn or vice versa. My body clock is fucked up. Good thing though, my apartment room has none of those sunlight-inviting kind of windows so I still get to have my share of darkness at daytime. But even if I get to sleep for 10 long hours in the day, I don’t feel exactly rested still. Believe me, even if I was born a night owl, I craaaaave night sleep. Nothing beats it. So yes, I’ve yielded to sleeping more and living my life less.

Now it is another thing to have given up the night life (though not completely since I still have my Saturday and Sunday nights off). But come on, no Friday night out? And what could be worse than being in Eastwood every single night not to party at all but to work my ass off.

There’s this thing they call work-life-balance. Yeah right, highly achievable.

I finally found the time now to write because I’m done with my deals for the day. We have this “blue network” in the office where WordPress isn’t blocked, thank goodness. My eye candy has gone out thus crossing out one less pastime I have in the office – ogling, that is, yes. Meanwhile, C&D are playing Gym Class Heroes’ Stereo Hearts. Good song.

It’s a Saturday. Will be off to see my best gal pal somewhere ’round Ayala. Might also be off to a date after that. Or not.


Yeah, I just coined that.


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