Why dog movies will always make me cry

The rain makes me dreary, if not sad.

On this rainy day, I am downright sad.

After giving dad a kiss to greet him a happy Father’s day first thing this morning, I went to say hi to our dogs I haven’t seen in a month.

Sugar, our two year old Maltese, has grown her coat thicker and her body fatter. She looks like a thick disheveled white mop with ears. Brosnan, our 4 year old half Lab, was as loud and hyper as he normally is on a dry, sunny day. Jacob, our 1 year old Chow Chow-Spitz, was nowhere in his kennel.

I saw it coming.

Jacob had his hind legs paralyzed half his life. It was for some reason the only known vet in our town couldn’t exactly unriddle. All we were advised to do was have him injected with antibiotics and have his legs massaged regularly which, thankfully, worked. After some time, he was able to nerve one of his legs again though we’d almost given up hope he’s ever going to be the same again.

It was pitiful to see a cuddly ball of golden brown fur struggling to move even in the corners of his little cage. Jacob had to drag one leg every time. The good thing was he never lost his playfulness and warmth and appetite. If he were a person, I’d say he ate like a construction worker for chrissakes. (Oops, I’m stereotypical that way.) Point is, he’s one strong dog who’s even served me inspiration.

Bidding Jacob goodbye wasn’t exactly tearful. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t see his eyes lost their glow right in my face like I did when Santi left. All I felt was a sorry kind of sadness, the kind that leaves a hole in the heart.

Two deaths in a row is too depressing.
Maybe we aren’t good pet owners. Maybe it’ll take a while now before I’d take a new pet to care for on my own.

Both Jacob and Santi celebrate their birthday this month by the way.

Until then, love.

Jacob’s a beddy bear.

He’s nowhere close as affectionate as Santi, but he’s just as lovely as someone you’d baby.

Jacob’s a gentle version of a werewolf to me, hence his name. Yeah uh, the Twilight werewolf.


3 thoughts on “Why dog movies will always make me cry

  1. Okay. i’ll blog about how lonely my life has been. And how long I’ve been so alone. #chantal Nah. Ikaw na lang T or si Deynj Di nyo ako kasing galing magsalita e.Ako na lang ang number 1 fan nyo :)

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