21 (Like that Adele album)

Sending birthday greetings at midnight is only a high school thing.

I didn’t notice when did we start outgrowing the habit but it was too noticeable now that it’s my birthday.

I didn’t have anything planned ahead for the day. Planning has been an obsolete activity to me for a while now. It was by chance that Lesley called me the other night to arrange an immediate sleepover.

When the clock ticked midnight, I was with my BFF of 16 years for a one-on-one ‘salubong’ that involved some rum. We could have used a little intoxication to talk about recent break ups but we were better off sober to enjoy the happier stories we have saved a long time for each other.

We hit the sack at past 3 but I made the effort to wake up at 7. My other BFF, Geng, was to greet me on air in The Morning Rush which is our daily morning habit and whose DJ, Chico Garcia, is the most famous person I am celebrating my birthday with, next to Stevie Wonder.

Before noon, the gift I have been praying for was delivered. I got it, I got the job, baby. I was to sign the job contract at 5pm.

Then just before the special luncheon which was prepared by my dear brother was ready, I’d sort of been starting to find this guy I last went out with a little too much interesting.

Even with my mouth full from binging on pasta, roasted chicken, lumpiang shanghai, sans rival, and Reese’s flavored ice cream, I was giddy to talk to my well wishers over the phone. My family in Zambales also had some special food served on the table on their end and it’s their request that I go home tomorrow.

I don’t mind that I didn’t get to celebrate with the lot of my friends. I have a number of cliques to throw a party for anyway so maybe I could arrange that some other time.

This is so much for turning 21. It’s better than what I could’ve planned.

All I wish is that same wish Chico had for Delle on her last birthday. I wish for:

“all manners of love, in all shapes and sizes. Not just the love that jumps up and down for joy, but even the quiet love, that one that is happy to sit still, but just as bursting with blissful enchantment as its manic counterpart. “


2 thoughts on “21 (Like that Adele album)

  1. I love reading this one. Well, mainly because i have my name mentioned on it. Ha ha. But you are a good writer T. Ang sarap basahin ng mga sinusulat mo or mga nasasabi mo. ;)

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