Movie-driven dorm life

We were the Ernest dormers.

We were a bunch of misfits who in college were home to a second-rate yet friendly and cozy dormitory somewhere around UPLB.

A bemusement for movies was one thing we picked up from dormitory living to either kill plentiful time during weekends – unless going home to Zambales (in my case) or flying to Gen San (in Whoopi’s case) was an option, or to procrastinate studying simply.

Perhaps tens and hundreds of movies have we seen already in whoever’s laptop was available. Being the hopeless romantic kolehiyalas, we of course started off with chick flicks or the damn-this-movie-because-I’m-never-going-to-find-a-love-like-that movies.

Next, we went for sexy comedy where we found our guiltiest pleasure in Eurotrip.

From comedy, we went for suspense films such as Perfume and for hilarious thrillers such as The Teeth.

We also went for broadway and musical like Hairspray, Across The Universe, and Moulin Rouge.

There was actually no particular order for the genre of movies that got us hooked. Our movie marathons were usually random. We’d switch from romance to action, horror to adventure, and even animation to indie films. Yes, we even had to rent from Video City for copies of Babae sa Breakwater and Live Show.

Last Saturday night was just another movie night, only we’re no longer students and roomies/dormies though we now all stay in the metro. And it was only Joyce, Whoopi, and I plus Kate this time. Everybody else either went home to the provinces or were just MIA.

Along intervals of Boracay Rum shots and cigarette puffs and Lonely Island music videos (which are so rad) and chit chat to catch up with each other were we able to finish four and a half movies.

Okay, it was only three for me. I dozed off earlier than everyone else like I always do.

This could not be as awesomely hilarious without Zach Galifianakis partnering with Robert Downey Jr. They say that this is quite at par with the Hangover movies so I ought to see those soon.

It’s one of Joyce’s favorites. Fine, it’s one of the myriad love stories that only happen in movies but it’s worth the watch owing to its magnifique setting which is comparable to that of PS I Love You. Oh it makes me want to marry an Oi-rish.

Call us jumping jologs but come on, this Pinoy chick flick makes corniness and cheesiness bearable, even pretty pleasurable at some point. I’ve watched it for the nth time.

Don’t we ever get enough of puppy love and ugly duckling stories? We just don’t. Kate looks so much like P’Nam – dark-skinned and all, but we all want to be P’Nam as she gets baby faced guy in school without even trying. How inspirational.

This one we didn’t finish so let me just introduce you to if you two haven’t met.

We’re such movie buffs that we once planned of putting an overhead projector in our dormitory room.


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