Anorexia is not a fashion statement

A couple of days ago, I googled why cats won’t eat. It had been a week then since our house cat Santiago lost his appetite. He deliberately avoided all food and drink for some reason we couldn’t fathom. He was becoming literally skin-and-bones and he’s lost his glow which started to really freak me out.

To my relief, Santi’s case wasn’t an isolated one. There have been online forums where cat owners discuss about their cats having fallen victims to feline anorexia which could be due to viral infections, organ problems, and more.

I felt sorry to have to force droplets of Gerber and water into the poor little thing’s mouth in the days that followed. I figured he would hate me for doing so but I would not just let him die of dehydration. No way.

But then again, I didn’t have it my way.

Our 1-year old Siamese feline bade us goodbye today.

As if taking Santi’s death wasn’t painful enough, I had to witness as I stood frozen in pity and sorrow how he laid on the floor writhing and quivering just before he breathed his last breath.

It. Was. Heartbreaking.

I’ve never cried harder for any other pet we lost. Santi was achingly special. He was just the sweetest and the most malambing. He shared my bed. He always stood by the door to purr me welcome after a hard day’s work. He always kept me company which I was most grateful for last Christmas day.

I know it’s a little too foolish to think that good pets go to heaven too.

But until then, love.

Oh, I’ll miss those baby blue eyes.

This is my idea of a sweet cat fight.

The chocolate color for his ears, nose, and extremities was just lovely.


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