Posted in June 2011


I’m scared of you because you don’t seem the type who can be serious. I, on the other hand, is one who (I’m predisposed to think) doesn’t mind taking risks. Meanwhile, I’m starting to expect to see your name every time my phone beeps, and when I do see your name I cannot suppress a smile. I … Continue reading

Why dog movies will always make me cry

The rain makes me dreary, if not sad. On this rainy day, I am downright sad. After giving dad a kiss to greet him a happy Father’s day first thing this morning, I went to say hi to our dogs I haven’t seen in a month. Sugar, our two year old Maltese, has grown her … Continue reading

21 (Like that Adele album)

Sending birthday greetings at midnight is only a high school thing. I didn’t notice when did we start outgrowing the habit but it was too noticeable now that it’s my birthday. I didn’t have anything planned ahead for the day. Planning has been an obsolete activity to me for a while now. It was by … Continue reading

Movie-driven dorm life

We were the Ernest dormers. We were a bunch of misfits who in college were home to a second-rate yet friendly and cozy dormitory somewhere around UPLB. A bemusement for movies was one thing we picked up from dormitory living to either kill plentiful time during weekends – unless going home to Zambales (in my … Continue reading

Good comm skills turn me on

Only two days ago, I ventured into working as a project-based assessor. Working part time isn’t really what I am after, but since I have yet to wait on my pending online application which I suppose is some game of luck, I thought I might as well convert idle time to cash. So I did. … Continue reading

Anorexia is not a fashion statement

A couple of days ago, I googled why cats won’t eat. It had been a week then since our house cat Santiago lost his appetite. He deliberately avoided all food and drink for some reason we couldn’t fathom. He was becoming literally skin-and-bones and he’s lost his glow which started to really freak me out. … Continue reading

Yes to RH Bill

I took up SOC107, otherwise known as Gender Relations, as a core course when I was a college senior in UPLB. And I remember the Reproductive Health Bill being one of the topics of dogmatic discussion in class. It goes without saying that I had been able to study and make a stand on the … Continue reading