Effortless it was to use some sleep on the 2-hour bus ride from Batangas even as the bright lights overhead hurt my eyes that have dark circles ’round them. I was wrong thinking that the swim I had this morning which was worth some dull tan lines was enough to completely wash off the pounding in my head I had awoken to.

But bless me still for my memory hasn’t ever failed me on occasions where booze conquers it all, unlike Fufi who didn’t have the slightest idea how she climbed into bed and got a couple of scratches on her thighs last night. For the love of me, I remember how I was found by Dani who chortled at once to find me sprawled on the floor – half-naked, my head resting on the toilet seat as if it were a snuggly pillow.

I had to regret conking out too soon I missed the rest of the heart-to-heart shit Calai, Dani, Cinn, and I were engaged in after having downed several tequila shots. What with matters of our ex girl friend who talks shit and mindfucks and of friends who backstab did we all except Cinn cry stupidly about. I have to admit it made me feel good though, yeah, venting (with tears, oh, even better). And it’s one for the book for I seldom cry under the influence of alcohol, only the second time I think it was.

Once we were made sober by plunging into the pool, bathing in the heavy rain, and sharing a cup of hot malt drink, I made out some guesswork from the dazed conversations of last night. My ex is obnoxious. She takes after her good friend who has poor EQ after all. I just don’t know her now. Er, did I ever?

What a breather.

The air in Batangas was fresh but damp. It was either yesterday or the other day which marked the end of summer, anyway. But surely tomorrow marks the end of May.

Meanwhile I’m adding an underwater camera to my wish list. Cinn’s got one and it’s pretty awesome.


It took more effort to do wacky under water.


The picture quality is not that superb, but hey, not everybody has it underwater.



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