Too much romance movies

I was talking one of my best friends, J, into dating saying it would do wonders to her being dense of a person (which she admits) – an assumption to her having had NBSB.

Soon we went talking about how we both have always wanted a guy for a best friend. For one, I think it insightful because it’s having a concrete, if not very accurate, source into the going-ons in men’s psyche which could mean convenience for me if I ever got into dating again. In other ways, it could be beneficial as such having a bodyguard with you when you’re out like a mess at late night. Ha.

But then, J and I are torn between wanting to cultivate friendship or brew something far else complicated with that guy best friend – after all, we both are suckers for bestfriends-become-lovers kind of stories. What with Queen Elizabeth advising Prince William to marry his best friend do I want to puzzle myself with when I do not yet have a guy best friend to begin with.



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