Posted in May 2011


Effortless it was to use some sleep on the 2-hour bus ride from Batangas even as the bright lights overhead hurt my eyes that have dark circles ’round them. I was wrong thinking that the swim I had this morning which was worth some dull tan lines was enough to completely wash off the pounding … Continue reading

Mutually inclusive

Zinger-zongwriter Chico Garcia‘s commandment on love and friendship goes something like: Thou shall always supply one with the other. In thy friendships, supply love and in thy romantic relationships, supply friendship. Makes perfect sense.

Too much romance movies

I was talking one of my best friends, J, into dating saying it would do wonders to her being dense of a person (which she admits) – an assumption to her having had NBSB. Soon we went talking about how we both have always wanted a guy for a best friend. For one, I think … Continue reading

Wallflowers are gay

Have you ever read another’s diary? You sure have. My house mate got a copy of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower only since a word is out that its upcoming movie adaptation will star Emma Watson. I got interested in the book for the same reason but having got much time to kill from … Continue reading

Drop the breadcumbs

The first quarter of the year is up and I have been nowhere in the way of getting somewhere until very lately. Let me backtrack a little. 2010 to me was the biggest year to ever unfold yet. It was no less than the year when I earned a college degree, moved to the metro, … Continue reading